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Our Policies


At Shear Paradise we are dedicating to creating a happy, healthy, enviroment for your pet and making their grooming experience a positive one! In order to do this, we need to follow some policies and procedures.


All pets must be current on Rabies vaccination. Rabies is required by law and proof of vaccintion is required us. Otherwise vaccinations such as parvo, lepto, bordatella are recommended but not required because we understand that people all feel very differently about vaccinations.  If your pet has a medical condition that it cannot get the rabies vaccine, we will need to contact your vet prior to an appointment.


Any pets exhibiting bad, unruly, or destructive behavior will not be tolerated at our salon.  We have the right to refuse any dog displaying these behaviors at any time.  Dog aggressive dogs are welcome at our shop but will be kept seperate in cages away from the crowd. Your dogs safety is our number one concern.


24 hour notice is required to cancle an appointment, or a fee of $25 will be charged to your account. (some exceptions may apply to dogs health or emergencies) If you miss an appointment without call us, you will be charged the $25 no-show fee.  Fee's must be paid before another appointment will be scheduled for your pet.

Multiple NO SHOW or missed appointments.  If a client has had multiple NO SHOW or missed appointments, we will require a client to pay $50 for the missed appointments and PRE-PAY for a full grooming in advance to schedule a new appointment. This fee is non-refundable as is the grooming payment if the client does NOT show for their next scheduled appointment. 


Our standard drop off times for appointments is between the hours of 7:30am-9am.  IF you are LATE dropping off, you will be charge a $5.00 late fee, unless special arrangements have been made PRIOR to your appointment day.


In general, latest pick up time is by 4:30pm (unless otherwise notified by the groomer) and if you are LATE picking your pet (after closing time) you will be charged a late fee depending on the amount of time you are late.


Any animal that is found to have fleas or ticks will automatically get a flea/tick bath and the owner will be responsible for the $15 medicated bath charge.


Excessive matting or unbrushed undercoat will require an extra charge due to the increased time spent working on dematting your pets fur. Demat charges can run generally $5-25

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