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Shear Paradise offers full-service grooming for dogs.
Grooming Prices vary by Breed, Size and Coat Condition.
Standard Grooming includes: bath and blow dry, full brushing, anal glands, nail trim, pad and ear cleaning, haircut or trimming as desired.
Bath & Tidy Service includes: bath and blow dry, full brushing, anal glands, nail trim, pad and ear cleaning and trimming around face, feet and rear only.
Walk-In Nail Trimming available on our regular business days 9am-4pm.
Express Grooming (1-2hr service) available for an extra charge.
Shed-Less Treatments help reduce your pet's shedding!
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Upgrade Services (to add on to standard grooming for an additional charge)
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  • Aromatherapy Treatment $5
  • Blueberry Facial $3
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment $10
  • Moisturizing Treatment $10
  • Oatmeal Bath $5
  • Olive Oil Bath $5
  • Medicated Bath $10
  • Flea/Tick Bath & Treatment $15
  • De-Skunk Bath $15
  • Tooth Brushing $6
  • Nail Grinding $5
  • Feather Extentions $10
  • Ear Bling Applique $5

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